The services we provide are the following:

1. Real-time ultrasound (US) of abdominal organs
2. Duplex and color-Doppler US of abdominal vessels
3. Diagnostic punctures and biopsies under US control
4. Drainage procedures of different collections in the abdominal organs/cavity
5. Biliary drainage procedures
6. Biliogastrostomy, cystogastrostomy procedures, applying endoprosthesis under US control.
7. Percutaneous ethanol injection sclerotherapy of small tumors under US control
8. Upper endosonography, EUS
9. Lower endosonography, EUS and BUS
10. Upper GI Endoscopy, Duodenoscopy
11. Upper endoscopic biopsy, polypectomy
12. Endoscopic hemostasis of upper GI bleedings
13. Endoscopic extraction of foreign bodies
14. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP)
15. Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy
16. Lower endoscopic biopsy, polypectomy
17. Rubber band ligation of hemorrhoidal bleeding
18. Endoscopic capsule
19. Application of enteral and parenteral nutrition
20. Breath test

In the Clinic of Gastroenterohepatology due to this broad spectrum of procedures, on ambulatory basis, every year are done around 10 000 ultrasound investigations, more than 7000 gastroscopies, around 4000 sigmoidoscopies and colonoscopies. The number of interventional procedures under US guidance (biopsies, drainages, endoprosthesis application) approaches 1500, and the number of procedures under fluoroscopic control (ERCP, endoprosthesis application) reaches 700. Endoscopic therapeutic procedures, like polypectomies or endoscopic hemostasis, reaches number of 500 pts per year.

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